Unit Guide for Educators

This unit guide is a comprehensive resource for educators using Ida in the Middle as a novel in Grades 6 through 9 English, Social Studies or other courses, or who wish to include stand-alone lessons about Palestine without teaching the full book. Aligning with state and national standards, the guide is divided into nine lesson sequences that include pre-, during, and post-reading activity guides and student materials (provided as editable google docs).

Skillfully crafted by teacher/curriculum developers Luma Hasan and Sana Ben Nacef of Teach for Liberation, the lessons and activities in this guide are rooted in anti-racist and anti-bias practices, which require centering the lived experiences and perspectives of Palestinians. Students will explore the experiences of Palestinians through the lens of Palestinian organizers, artists, filmmakers, etc. While making these connections with Palestinians, students will also reflect on their own identities and the interconnectedness of various groups’ experiences with oppression and struggles for justice. Ultimately, students will end this unit understanding the importance of community in the pursuit of liberation.